Jon Tyson


350 Winfield Street

San Francisco, CA 94110


Work Experience


incremental images (2000 - 2001), San Francisco and Berlin: Chief Engineer and Architect

I joined this startup before its first official day of business. I assembled and led an 11-person engineering team to the successful creation of the first release of our product, a server-based platform for the delivery of multi-user, collaborative graphical applications to any client with a TCP/IP stack.


Working with the executive team, I defined the product, hired our engineering team, and created the right environment for the execution of our aggressive schedule. I designed the architecture of this complex application server as well as coded significant portions of its core. The engine is extensible through the addition of custom plug-ins written internally as well as by our customers and partners, so the quality of our interfaces and documentation was an important component of the project.


I mentored newly hired employees of all skill levels. I helped my team excel by transferring the knowledge required to get their jobs done as well as the responsibility required to give them a sense of ownership. I also helped to establish the development processes of our organization including a nightly build system, automated test harness, bug tracking software, source code control, and both internal and external documentation. The product was simultaneously developed on all major Unix platforms (32/64-bit) as well as Windows NT/2000.


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3DPowerTools (1999 - Present), San Francisco: President and Founder

I am responsible for all aspects of running this business, including product design, implementation, QA, marketing, sales, public relations, accounting, and technical support. I assembled a 6-person team to build the product and corporate image. I led the development and QA effort and successfully delivered a highly-praised product (Cadence Magazine, May 2000, 5 out of 5 rating).


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autodesk (1995 - 1999), Alameda: Lead Engineer / Senior Software Engineer

I led the 5-person team that built AutoCAD 2000's 3D graphics pipeline. This was a daunting task, involving the successful integration of a 20-year code base with a modern graphics engine along with the creation of an API suitable for use by autodesk's best-selling vertical applications and 3rd-party developers.


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For AutoCAD Release 14, I was a lead engineer on the project to replace AutoCAD's aging 2D graphics pipeline. Somewhere from 2 million licensed to 20 million unlicensed users still exercise my code in their daily work.


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System and API design; excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to mentor both novice and expert engineers; many years of learning, using, making mistakes with, and designing for multithreaded programming, networking, graphics, and databases; performance tuning; server-based computing; multi-platform development; fast acquisition of new skills and technologies.

Tools : C++, Perl, Java, JavaScript, SQL, OpenGL, sockets, XML, SOAP, XSL, XSLT, PHP, Apache, msdev, cvd, gdb, dbx, ddd, cvs, sourcesafe, bugzilla, doxygen

Platforms : Win32, Linux, Irix, Solaris, OSF1, cygwin





Amherst College (1987 - 1991), Amherst, MA

B.A. degree, summa cum laude

Mathematics major with a concentration in music